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Sales Leadership Interview: Like a Fine Watch

I recently caught up with Vincent Fath, VP of Sales at Wright Medical. We broke down some essential elements that contribute to forecast accuracy, and the single element that Vincent and I kept circling back to was the […]

Sales Leadership Interview: Stoke the Edge

In the course of my research into sales leadership and sales professionals, I had the opportunity to speak with David Hughes. David offered some sharp and refreshing insights into what makes a great salesperson — and how to […]

Sales Leadership Interview: 3 Indispensable Ideas About Sales Pitches

We started talking about product knowledge — specifically, the idea that in big-ticket sales, a sales rep had to be, but not too technical. We both agreed — it’s important that your reps’ sales presentations not turn into […]

Sales Leadership Interview: Selling SMB vs. Enterprise

“Negotiation is always important,” Jeff began, “but looks very different for SMB vs Enterprise selling.” In high-velocity SMB business, Jeff explained, there is a desire to avoid commercial and protracted price negotiations. What is critically important is […]

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Sales Leadership Interview: Conscientious Sales

We asked Suzanne what she thinks are the most important qualities for a salesperson. She explained that it’s important, as you’re building trust and making promises to a client, that “You have to be able to deliver on those promises — whether […]

Sales Leadership Interview: Lifeguard Management

It is important to create value for everyone involved in a deal — for every deal. This is a best practice to ensure that deals don’t go sideways. Of course, sometimes it can be difficult to keep sight of the most important practices in a […]

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Sales Leadership Interview: It Takes a Village

Quota sharing — working towards your goals as a team — requires a lot of positivity. Stephen told me that setbacks and gaps in information can’t be taken as negatives. Great salespeople are “always thinking towards […]

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The Problem State: A Business Conversation Dimension

Understanding your customer’s Problem State is a key dimension of the Business Conversation, one of the 5 Pivotal Conversations that my team and I (and our clients) believe are key to closing any larger and more complex deal. Done right, professional selling is all about [...]

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Sales Leadership Interview: Duck Pond Product Knowledge

“Taking a quick step back, one thing I look for when I interview candidates is that they have technical acumen outside of the product they sell,” Tom began. When Tom is interviewing potential new hires, he tries to “qualify, Over the course of researching our [...]

The Risk Conversation: Looking Before You Leap

You can define how your organization works with clients to mitigate both perceived and actual risks by having the Risk Conversation. Done right, this conversation lays out how you will work with a prospective client to enable them to make an […]

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The Technical Conversation: An Unavoidable Exchange

“How will my company manage and absorb your offering?” This is a question that can’t be avoided. During a negotiation, you will discover that your offering either meets the customer’s requirements or it doesn’t. In order to […]

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Sales Leadership Interview: Win-Win Negotiation

Lital offered a unique point of view on all of the questions I posed to her. Hers is a way of doing things — with genuine caring — that I think every company, and every individual, should intentionally integrate into their […]

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Sales Leadership Interview: Hunting on the Farm

Account management is one of the cornerstones of any B2B company’s sales process. It is also one of the 7 Sales Mindsets that my team and I have outlined. The other six being prospecting, negotiation, product […]

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Better Sales Conversations: Aligning to the Customer’s Buying Process

Are you aligning to the customer’s buying process? Do you understand it? Are you accommodating it? When you’re selling -- especially in complex sales -- you must consider how the selling organization (that’s you) collaborates with clients to make the evaluation, purchase, installation, and support [...]

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Sales Leadership Interview: Sales Intangibles

As you could probably tell from previous interviews about forecasting and the science behind it (or lack thereof), a good portion of my forthcoming book is devoted to how having the right sales conversations can lead to more accurate […]

Mission Match: Do Your Values Align?

The most powerful part of aligning yourself with a potential prospect is communicating your company’s mission and values. You should communicate what your company hopes to achieve by working with the […]

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Sales Leadership Interview: Where Does Complete Visibility Start?

Falaro’s experience is rooted in everything from small start-up size software companies to top 3 size software companies. Despite these differences in size, he reports that there are a few common threads throughout the spectrum. Namely, that complete visibility and […]

Return on NOT Investing: a Vital Conversation

Everyone is familiar with ROI (Return on Investment). It’s basic sales and business planning. Your customer is going to ask “What’s the ROI?” and when they do you’d better be prepared to give an in-depth answer. But is that all there is to it? […]

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4 Dimensions for Effective Financial Conversations

In almost every situation, prospective buyers ask questions like, “What financial impact will your offering have on my company?” Exploring this question with prospects will allow you to better understand their […]

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How to Instill Your Sales Team with a Prospecting Mindset

From Jose Palomino, CEO of Spyglass Selling for the Blog. You already know how difficult it is to consistently meet – let alone, exceed – your goals if your sales team struggles to identify and win new business. Sure, you can sometimes make your numbers by [...]

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Sales 2.0 Exclusive – The Competitive Conversation

Ask yourself these questions: Where do I stand in comparison to my competitors? How do my offering’s strengths and weaknesses compare to the competition? The Competitive Conversation is designed to […]

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3 Things Your Team Needs to Move Beyond the “Sales Formula”

There are a lot of people out there that want to sell you their sales process. They’ll tell you to “follow these X rules” or “follow this formula” to close more deals. Some of these companies have meaningful and useful processes, but when all is said […]

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The Sales Conundrum: Art or Science?

Have you ever met anyone with a degree in sales? I don’t know about you, but I’ve never run into someone in business who says, “I’m Joe, and I got my Bachelor’s degree in Sales from Such-and-Such University.” (Although, to be honest, the number is growing […]

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Sales 2.0 Exclusive – The Business Conversation

The objective of all “pivotal conversations” is to transform a doubtful buyer into a confident one. While many of these business conversations can be technical or “actual/factual” in nature – the first and most important […]

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Sales 2.0 Exclusive – 5 Must Have Pivotal Conversations

These Pivotal Conversations have served as a framework for sales teams and sales management to gauge what the prospective client really thinks about your offerings; and how this can radically boost forecast accuracy and […]

Sales Leadership Interview: Scientific Sales Forecasting

I asked him about forecasting — wondering about his take on the best ways for sales managers to approach getting a real accurate sense of a forecasted deal. Dave took no time in responding. “Forecasting is — well, […]

Know Thy Customers’ Internal Motivations

How well do you know your customer? More importantly, do you know what motivates them to do business with you? While customer’s desires vary according to demographics, market sector, etc… there is one behavior that […]

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6 Tips for Hiring and Retaining Good Salespeople

Here are a couple of realities we’ve all had to face: Effective salespeople are rare for the same reason as great talent in any field. That is, the sales profession requires talent, training, and a managerial context designed for success. Smaller companies are working […]

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Why Coaching Needs to Be Part of Your Sales Development

Every year, $20 billion is pumped into the sales training industry in America alone. It’s no wonder — having a reliable sales method is important not only to closing more deals, but also in keeping reps accountable. […]

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Better Sales Conversations: Criteria Framing

After getting a grip on who is in the game, determine what the game is all about. By what criteria will you and your competitors be judged? Safety? Speed? Warranty? Something else? After uncovering your customer’s criteria, ask yourself: […]

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Sales Leadership Interview: Playing the Forecasting Lottery

Fred’s no stranger to sales management, having been in a leadership position for the past 15 years, so I asked him: How do you get reps to listen better and to be more open to learning/applying new techniques? […]

5 Tips for Turning a Sales Manager into a Sales Coach

Unfortunately, most (business-related) training efforts fail to reach their objectives, in large part because of the absence of any kind of reinforcement or coaching.” – Scott Edinger, Forbes No matter the scope or content, your salespeople are likely to forget much of what they learned [...]

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Hiring Great Salespeople

Without a doubt, you’ve read countless posts on how to hire great salespeople. Maybe you’ve even read one here. The reason is simple: this is still a hot button issue that everyone who hires and manages sales talent must face. Studies have been conducted, analyzed, [...]

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Sales Leadership Interview: The Need for a Sales Process

One focus in my book is the idea of getting a more accurate forecasting model – and through the course of these interviews, it’s been obvious that sales leaders are always trying to sharpen their forecasting accuracy.  When I asked Bob about best practices to get an accurate read on […]

Sales Competition: Are You In the Right Room?

“Am I even in the right room?” Sometimes as salespeople, we find ourselves asking this question. A friend of mine had this very question a few months ago.  He owns a very small firm – providing high quality consulting and training – but […]

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Explaining the ROI of Your Offering

You are almost always going to have to prove your offering’s value to your customer in dollar terms. It’s not enough to explain your mission and match your value propositions – your customer will most likely need to know that your offering is worth their financial investment in […]

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Sales Leadership Interview: Why Your Reps Aren’t Closing

Terry and I talked a bit about forecasting – and why reps too often fail to close deals. The sorry fact is that deals slip through the cracks despite everyone’s best intentions and forecasting efforts – but why is that? We started talking about how even the “most likely” forecasted deals […]

Sales Leadership Interview: Erasing the No-Man’s-Land

Consider the following scenario: You’ve recently been placed in a management position. You’ve hired a solid, skilled team of sales representatives. Yet, something seems off. Closing sales don’t match up with […]

A “Risky” Conversation – 5 Pivotal B2B Sales Conversations

Through our extensive research and experience, we’ve come to narrow down the many conversations salespeople have in their sales cycle. They boil down to five pivotal categories — conversations every salesperson needs in order to close a complex sales deal (there are sub-conversations for each, of course, but these capture the “big idea”). […]

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