The Negotiation
Mindset Assessment

If you’re in sales leadership, then you should take our Negotiation Mindset Assessment. Your responses will show you what you believe to be true of your team. Then, we’ll email the results to you along with with some “what-does this mean” insights.


Question Disagree → Agree
My team knows how to create value for customers beyond price and delivery options.
Our Prospects routinely and readily tell us their organization’s long-term goals.
We hate it when a prospect mentions price.
Negotiations start when we meet a prospect for the first time.
It has been relatively easy to discern the historical biases that our prospects have towards products in our category.
My team has a hard time consistently creating demand for additional products and services within current client accounts.
If one is not careful, negotiations almost always get personal.
Our Prospects really understand what their long-term, strategic needs are and what problems they are trying to solve.
Truth be told, our team has difficulty identifying the main driver of a “Return on Investment” consideration within our key accounts. (e.g. profits, margins, growth,strategic, etc.)
My team always trades concession for concession when negotiating.

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